The Integrated Media Premise

There are many choices for spending your marketing dollars, and many more avenues for promotion. This makes the job of marketing even more challenging than ever. To make things a bit easier, we at Clipper City Media have devised a way to offer you more than one-dimensional marketing.

Today, every media planner has to juggle multiple marketing platforms with decreasing marketing budgets—not to mention trying to find the time to pull everything together.

We offer you the full package. From events, sweepstakes and sponsorships to targeted one-on-one interaction with consumers, we want to work with you to help meet your goals through an integrated approach.

Let us create an integrated campaign to meet your ever-changing needs. It’s what Clipper City Media does!

Integrated Marketing Ideas

Full package including advertising space, online presence and sponsor logo placement for a Clipper City Media event.

Online Giveaway
Our audiences are involved in print and online. They go to our Web site and enter to win products or services. We collect the entries and fulfill the offering.

Product giveaways to targeted audiences as part of a multi-partner program. Now your company can get its product into the hands of its targeted audience more easily.

Marketing Partner
Your company receives mention in all promotional materials and product highlights.

Success Stories: Partner Testimonials

“I attributed our fantastic C30 sales performance to Chesapeake Life.  Not only do we lead in C30 sales, our buyers are the complete opposite of Volvo’s target market. Volvo did an unspectacular job of launching this model, and, at their direction, we initially catered to the young, attention-deficient market, but had no success. Since running the ad in your pub, and our displays at highly trafficked venues, we’ve done very well. Our buyers are middle-aged seniors (mostly late-50s to mid-70s) and well-heeled. So cool … thanks for the help!”
— Michelle Eichhorn, Marketing Director for Annapolis Volvo